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Container PRO Louisville

Kentuckiana's #1 Shipping container supplier!  Unbeatable Deals

Pay on Delivery

  Container Pro Louisville- Kentuckiana's #1 Supplier of Shipping containers!

Water/Wind Tight Guarantee /Affordable Prices

Exceptional Customer Service From Start To Finish

Local Pick-Up and Professional Delivery

In-Stock Containers -Ask about Multi-Purchase Discounts

Beware of all of the scams and others offering any warranties or guarantee.

Be aware of out of town companies pretending to be The Depot.

Buy from your local family owned neighbor

Container Pro Louisville provides / has in stock:
20 ft. used Standard (20' length x 8' 6" high x 8' wide) containers

40 ft. used Standard (40' length x 8' 6" high x 8' wide) containers

40 ft. used High Cube (40' length x 9' 6" high x 8' wide) containers

Specialty Containers: Double Doors Both Ends, Open Side, Open Top

How to purchase a shipping container in Louisville??

EASY.... Call Container Pro Louisville

Multi- Unit Discounts Available

Container Pro Louisville is the most trusted Container Supplier in the area.

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The Container Pro way.......

Fast Delivery - Choose your container - Pay on Delivery

Container PRO Louisville is the Commonwealth's #1 supplier in shipping containers.  We specialize in up close and personal touch.  We are real Kentuckians helping our neighbors secure a quality Shipping container.    Our goal is to accommodate the needs of both residential and commercial consumers. Customers have many uses for their shipping containers: extra storage, tiny homes, mobile businesses, and many more. HOW IS CONTAINER Pro Louisville DIFFERENT? This is easy, We are real people here in Louisville that you can talk to, meet up with and feel confident that you will receive the quality and service you deserve.   We aren't a broker company or a company from a big city (Chicago, Nashville etc) who claims to be from Louisville and uses "Louisville " in their name.   We at Container Pro Louisville will meet with you and you can choose the container that you want.  We will work with YOU personally face to face and not make you go to this website to get a container!

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