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A Real Kentucky Business ran by real Kentuckians

Container Pro Kentucky is a local business.  We are real Kentuckians! We are here to help you with this crazy business of trying to purchase a shipping container.   There are so many scammers, brokers and companies that act like they are from here that the customer doesn't know what to think!   Worry no more, We are here to help you!  

Don't get scammed by all of the Brokers, Scammers and other companies who use our city/state in their names but are really based in Chicago, New York, Nashville ETC......      They claim to be the "ONE", "Used" or even the "Depot"    None of them are real Kentuckians!  Container Pro Kentucky prides ourselves on customer service.  We like to meet our customers face to face, we are proud to do business the old fashioned way.   We will meet with you, work a deal and shake on it!   While we do have this website for our tech savvy customers, We don't send all our customers to this website to get a container!   We will meet you and work a deal!   


Kentucky's #1 Source for quality and affordable Shipping Containers!


Container PRO Kentucky is the Commonwealth's #1 supplier in shipping containers.  We specialize in up close and personal touch.  We are real Kentuckians helping our neighbors secure a quality Shipping container.    Our goal is to accommodate the needs of both residential and commercial consumers. Customers have many uses for their shipping containers: extra storage, tiny homes, mobile businesses, and many more.


This is easy, We are real people here in Kentucky that you can talk to, meet up with and feel confident that you will receive the quality and service you deserve.   We aren't a broker company or a company from a big city (Chicago, Nashville etc) who claims to be from Kentucky and uses "Kentucky" in their name.   We at Container Pro Kentucky will meet with you and you can choose the container that you want.  We will work with YOU personally face to face and not make you go to this website to get a container!

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5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers are Budget-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions for School and Municipal Storage

These days there’s a great deal of emphasis on being budget-friendly and sustainable. Steel Kentucky shipping containers deliver significant value in both these areas and are also one of the most durable types of containers.

Many urban areas and school districts face the need to cut costs and be as economical as possible – Kentucky shipping containers can provide the ideal solution to these requirements. With Container PRO Kentucky , you’ll have the option of renting or buying either a 20-foot shipping container or a 40-foot shipping container to accommodate whatever kinds of storage needs you might have.

Reasons to use Kentucky shipping containers for school or municipal purposes

Many school organizations and municipal authorities have already discovered the tremendous versatility of using either 20-foot storage containers in Kentucky or 40-foot storage containers in Kentucky to great advantage. There’s no question these containers are one of the most cost-effective solutions available today, and since they provide durable, weathertight storage indefinitely, they can be almost irreplaceable. The fact that they last so long and offer the perfect solution for all kinds of storage needs also makes them one of the most sustainable solutions for all types of storage needs and modified usage. Here are some reasons these containers are so sustainable and cost-effective in these roles:

  • Seasonal Storage – Conex boxes are an easy, cost effective solution to storing extra desks, chairs, and school supplies.  Many school districts use Container PRO Kentucky to store important equipment while doing necessary maintenance projects to school grounds and classrooms.

  • Shipping Container Schools – there are many impoverished areas around the country that lack the means to construct full-blown new schools for area students. Large Kentucky shipping containers can be modified inexpensively to provide classrooms that are immune to external weather conditions and still offer some level of comfort to occupants.

  • School Expansion – some schools are faced with budget cuts at the same time that student populations are growing. One of the best answers to this crisis is to install Kentucky shipping containers that can be used for classrooms or storing many of the tools and equipment necessary to conduct classes.

  • Sustainability Advantages – Kentucky shipping containers can be re-purposed, they are energy-efficient, they create multi-functional storage areas, they reduce waste in urban and school sites, and they have little or no environmental impact.

  • Urbanization Projects – many urbanization projects are carried out in areas of high traffic and population, such as in metro areas. Shipping containers can be used to store many of the materials needed for the project, thus reducing transportation needs, hazards, and access time.

  • Testing Future Community Features – storage containers in Kentucky provide an ideal way for both school and urban planners to test out new features that may be added in the future. This can help to decide whether installing more permanent features is justified and should be planned.

Buying/Renting Shipping Containers for School and Municipal Usage

Buying or renting Kentucky shipping containers from Container PRO Kentucky can be one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways of providing all kinds of temporary shelter for various needs. Since these containers can be modified to accommodate a wide range of functions, they are also one of the most versatile types of shelters on the market. Considering that they’re also highly durable and weathertight, it would be hard to imagine a more helpful kind of storage container. Contact us today at Container PRO Kentucky to discuss your storage needs and arrive at the perfect solution for your purposes.

 Container PRO Kentucky


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Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Temporary Construction Space Storage

Shipping containers have quickly become very popular for temporary storage on construction sites, serving many valuable functions. Although these containers are universally useful and used in education, manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare, they have proven exceptionally versatile in construction.

20 Foot Storage Containers

These are one of the most popular sizes of Kentucky shipping containers because of their versatility. They can easily be adapted for use in many different ways and will provide excellent value for whatever function they’re meant to serve. Each of these 20-foot storage containers in Kentucky has 1,360 feet of cubic capacity, making it large enough to contain all kinds of stored goods like bags of concrete or sand, wood planks, construction tools, nails, and screws. Having an empty weight of 4,900 lbs., they are heavy enough to withstand weather but light enough to be highly portable. 20 foot conex boxes also fit in smaller areas, like a parking spot, making them a convenient choice for busy areas.

40 Foot Storage Containers

Many construction sites use 40-foot Kentucky shipping containers to store larger equipment to be used during the project. Some of the most extensive construction equipment can be maintained in one of these containers, as well as large planks of lumber. Each of these containers has 2,720 cubic feet of capacity and an empty weight of 8,400 lbs., still making them very portable.

Benefits of Kentucky shipping containers

There are quite a few benefits to using both 20-foot storage containers in Kentucky and 40-foot storage containers in Kentucky on a construction site. They provide a virtually indestructible and weather-resistant shelter for the many materials needed on site, as well as a temporary shelter for personnel.  Here are some of the most common benefits that construction personnel derive from these containers:

    • Office space – rather than build a temporary shelter for office space, a shipping container can provide solid shelter for all the office workers needed on site. Depending on their intended usage, they can be customized to provide specific types of service.

    • Break areas – when construction workers need a break, it’s much safer to spend some time in a shipping container serving as a break area, especially during inclement weather.

    • Storage Facilities – Materials must be stored on a construction site for impending usage. All those materials must be kept safe from vandals and dry against the weather, and there is no more suitable storage vehicle in existence than a 20-foot shipping container or a 40-foot container

    • Temporary Housing – sometimes, it becomes necessary for workers to remain on-site for the duration of a project. A suitable shipping container can be equipped with air conditioning, a toilet, and whatever else is needed for the essential comfort of workers.

    • Durability/Weatherproof – there is nothing more durable than a shipping container, being virtually immune to all weather conditions and safety against penetration by criminal-minded individuals. It helps greatly when you don’t have to worry whether or not your storage facility can withstand rain, hail, and strong winds – Kentucky shipping containers can handle them all with ease.

Renting/buying Kentucky shipping containers

If you’re looking to rent or buy a new or used conex shipping container, please contact us at Container PRO Kentucky. We are a privately owned company serving the Entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We can provide personal attention to every customer, and our business is all about ensuring your business has the proper storage containers in Kentucky to manage all your different requirements. All our Kentucky shipping containers are made of high-quality steel and are guaranteed to be weather resistant and highly durable.

Why Container PRO Kentucky?

As a family owned organization and not a chain or franchise; we are able to provide personalized attention in every step of the process. From picking the right container for your needs, to understanding the delivery process, our Sales team is dedicated to giving you a fast and easy experience.  Founded with the customer in mind, we provide attractive high-quality new and used storage containers in Kentucky.  

Container PRO Kentucky


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Spring Shipping Container Maintenance


Spring is an important time to clean and inspect Kentucky shipping containers. These tips can help you avoid costly repair bills and keep your items stored in the best possible condition.     

Inspect The Roof

A shipping container roof is one of the most important areas to check during spring maintenance. You want to check for rust, damage, cracks, and deep dents. Dents collect standing water and lead to corrosion if left untreated. 

Clean The Interior

The interior of a shipping container can accumulate a lot of dust and debris. Regularly sweeping the container will go a long way. A broom, mop, or leaf blower can be used to clean the flooring, walls, and roof of the container. While cleaning, take special attention to any areas that might be rusty or have holes and dents. These can worsen over time, so make sure to get them repaired and painted.

Examine The Doors

Doors are the main moving part of a shipping container and are subject to wear and tear with frequent use. The door hinges should be inspected and cleaned often to remove any rust, dirt, or grit that could make them stick when they’re opened. Then, lubricate the hinges with a spray to ensure they’re able to open and close easily.


Check The Modified Areas

Modifications like cutting and welding may affect a shipping container’s ability to resist corrosion, water, and dirt. These areas should be checked frequently, repainted, and rust proofed. To further prevent the harmful affects of moisture, replace caulk and weather stripping when they peel or crack in any modified areas.

Monitor The Container For Settling

If you install your shipping container on a softer surface, like asphalt or clay, the container may settle over time. Occasionally wildlife, moisture build up, and door hinge issues may arise. To combat potential challenges, you may need to relevel your container unit. Container PRO Kentucky can help you relocate your container if releveling is needed.

Container PRO Kentucky







How Are Shipping Containers Delivered?

Shipping containers are one of the best possible storage units you could use, and they have several qualities that make them ideal for storage.

First, Kentucky shipping containers are constructed of heavy-duty steel, which cannot be easily compromised. Assuming that you have a good lock installed on your shipping container, it will be secure against any burglary attempts. Shipping containers are also weatherproof, they were initially designed to withstand ocean weather systems and waves that occasionally reach fifty or sixty feet in height. 

Another reason you might want to obtain a shipping container is their tremendous versatility.  A shipping container can be used for temporary storage, add-on office space and temporary do-it-yourself housing. Many consumers often wonder how a shipping container will be delivered to their location?          This article will address those concerns.......

Shipping Container Delivery

Once you’ve ordered a shipping container from Container PRO Kentucky, we will deliver your 20-foot or 40 ft container using our specialized Tilt Container Trailer.    The tilt container trailer assists in positioning your container on the ground at your location. 

In most cases, the delivery cost will depend on how far we are obliged to transport your shipping container. Container PRO has the capacity to deliver containers to the most difficult locations.   Container PRO Kentucky specializes in Hard deliveries that requires our 4x4 pickups.

Site Preparation

When you have a firm date established for the delivery of your shipping container, you should take a few steps to make sure your site is prepared correctly for receiving the container:

  • Ensure all entrances and exits from your property and the delivery site are cleared of obstacles.

  • It would help if you made yourself available on the day of delivery so that you can assist with the setup process.

  • Make sure there’s enough space for the delivery driver to unload the container at your site and to do any maneuvering that might be necessary.

  • Be prepared to guide the driver so your container can be positioned precisely in your desired spot.

  • If your container is to be set up on blocks or railroad ties, you must have help on hand to assist with the positioning.

Contact us about Kentucky shipping containers.

If you need extra storage at your residence or business, we hope you’ll contact us at Container PRO Kentucky. We offer various sizes of new and used Kentucky shipping containers.  You can count on receiving a high-quality container to safely store all your valuables.  

Container PRO Kentucky


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5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are Perfect For Onsite Storage

It’s not surprising that Kentucky shipping containers are as durable and weather-resistant as they are since they were initially designed to transport heavy cargo over the oceans and are usually subject to extreme weather and wind conditions.

For this reason, designers are incredibly durable, secure, and quite weatherproof. The same design, which allows them to withstand all kinds of inclement ocean weather, also will enable them to endure whatever adverse weather may be present where you live.

It means a lot to rely on a storage container with these capabilities because you’ll generally have valuable assets stored inside, and you won’t want these damaged. Since these Kentucky shipping containers come in various sizes, you can keep practically anything, whether it’s for residential or commercial use.

Many stores and businesses are obliged to store office goods, retail items, and equipment for normal business conduct. Shipping containers can be just as valuable for other uses, offering a great place to stow away lawn and garden equipment, unused furniture, and practically anything else associated with storage needs.

Here are five of the best reasons that Kentucky shipping containers are ideal for onsite storage:

  • Waterproof – Shipping containers are constructed to protect all goods stored inside against whatever weather conditions might be in effect. If you need a sturdy structure that will stand up to the elements and last for years on your premises, you couldn’t find a better choice than a 20-foot shipping container.

  • Secure – Since Kentucky shipping containers are so durable, they are highly secure against break-ins or breakdowns. They are generally constructed of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, which means it’s virtually impossible to break in and steal anything. If you have a solid lock installed on your shipping container, you can count on the fact that no one will be breaking in to steal your valuables.

  • Durability – All Kentucky shipping containers are built to last a very long time. On average, containers have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, and once that time has expired, they will still have a 75% salvage value. There are very few kinds of containers that have this level of permanence, and they can last even longer if maintained well. All you have to do is inspect the paint, look for rust, and check your seals, and your shipping container should be good to go.

  • Portability – A benefit of owning your own container is their portability. While you may not ever need to move your storage container from one site to another, if the need does arise, it’s comforting to know that they can be easily moved. Any Kentucky shipping containers you have delivered to your home or business will be transported to you to demonstrate their portability. If you have several locations that you need to take your container to for storage purposes, it will be a simple matter to transport them to any of those locations.

  • Different sizes available – One of the great things about Kentucky shipping containers is that they come in different sizes, offering quite a bit of flexibility for your needs. They can also be customized so that you have extra doors on your units, they can have interior lights installed, and they can even be converted into refrigerated units. Shipping containers are available in 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft sizes, and the two smaller sizes will easily fit into most backyards and driveways, being capable of storing the contents of an average two-bedroom household.

Contact us about Kentucky shipping containers

Do you need more storage for your business or residence?  Contact us at Container PRO Kentucky. We service the entire Commonwealth and can have the perfect shipping container delivered to your location promptly. You’ll never regret your decision to store your valuables in a sturdy, weatherproof conex shipping container.

 Container PRO Kentucky


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40' Cargo Worthy High Cube Shipping Container

5 Ways Shipping Containers Are Used In Agriculture

There are quite a few ways agriculture Kentucky shipping containers from Container PRO Kentucky can be used in a farm setting because a typical farm always has supplies and equipment that need to be stowed away from the weather.

Agriculture Kentucky shipping containers usages

A ready-made barn is the most obvious usage for a shipping container in an agricultural setting. Here you can store hay, seed, and equipment that must be kept out of the weather until used. It will always be more cost-effective to purchase or rent a storage container than to construct an entirely new barn, even if it’s a small barn. Since they are very portable, you can quickly move your container around to accommodate daily operations. They can also be secured quickly, with just a chain and padlock, and you can install lights for extra security.

You can also use a shipping container as a temporary office building. Shipping containers are very customizable, and it’s easy to run an electrical cable to your container to power it up for office usage. Extra doors can be added, and of course, any office equipment you need inside can easily be installed. Storage for heavy machinery can be a breeze when you have a giant shipping container on-site. You can be sure that your valuable equipment assets will remain safe and secure, regardless of what Mother Nature cooks up for the Commonwealth.

Agriculture storage containers in Kentucky usages

Some farms have livestock on hand, particularly horses. Many farmers find it convenient to use Container PRO Kentucky’s agriculture storage containers in Kentucky as a tack room, where all the equipment and supplies can be stored to maintain their horses. This keeps the equipment and feed close to the area where the horses are housed, providing maximum convenience in caring for them. One final way to use agriculture storage containers in Kentucky on a farm is as a workshop. 

All kinds of tasks must be carried out on a typical farm, and it’s usually necessary to keep tools and other equipment on hand to execute them. A weather-proof, secure agriculture shipping container is the best place to store all those tools and equipment before usage. You’ll have all the needed tools ready for use right at the location on your farm where you do most of your workshop work.

If you have agricultural equipment that you need to keep safe from the elements, one of the best ways to do that is to store it in one of the 10, 20, or 40-foot agriculture storage containers in Kentucky from Container PRO Kentucky. You can count on keeping your expensive farm equipment safe and dry and situate the container anywhere on your property where it will be most convenient for access. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

Container PRO Kentucky


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Why you Should Outsource Your Shipping Container Purchase

As an office manager or a business owner, you undoubtedly have all kinds of details that require your attention and your intervention to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Why outsource?

Businesses tend to outsource functions for the same reasons, primarily because it would cost them more time and money to perform those functions in-house. In many cases, a business also lacks the in-house expertise to achieve that same function, so they turn to a company with expertise in that area and have them manage it more efficiently. 

That is why you should turn to Container PRO Kentucky for your storage container needs.  We can handle that function for you. Save you the time and effort of doing it yourself. We are "Pro's" in shipping containers because we sell and rent them ourselves, so we know all the ins and outs, all the advantages and all of the benefits of using Kentucky shipping containers for storage.

If you’re looking to modify a shipping container for a particular use, we can help you secure the ideal container for your needs. That may involve one that can be developed into more office space, or even one that can be used as a retail outlet. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide you the best containers on the market and have them delivered to you in time to meet your business requirements.

Contact us

Container PRO Kentucky is a shipping container DEALER that can work with you on your shipping container purchase.  Contact us today, so we can learn about your personal preferences in Kentucky shipping containers. 

 Container PRO Kentucky


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Container Pro Kentucky has you covered

What is a Conex Box?

You may not have heard of a Conex box before, but believe it or not, it is one of the most important inventions ever devised.

It has revolutionized the shipping industry. Before the invention of Conex boxes, the cost to import or export goods was extremely high, but after these special containers appeared, a great deal of the cost involved with shipping became much more manageable. The name Conex is a contraction of the two words container and express, indicating that the container can be quickly and easily shipped almost anywhere. After their initial invention, the boxes gradually evolved into containers that could be efficiently stacked to store a great deal of cargo in a single area. So, in essence, a Conex box is a modern-day storage container that is used extensively in overseas shipping.

Home Usage of Conex Boxes

But they aren’t just used by import-export companies to store goods during shipping – storage containers in Kentucky have proven to be so valuable that many homeowners and business owners also make extensive use of them. People always need to store extra goods, and these containers offer great value for that purpose. The two most popular versions of these Kentucky shipping containers are the 20-ft and the 40-ft models, both of which provide weather-tight storage for all your valuables. They are also easy to lock, so you can keep any of your valued goods safe, even while being stored outside.

Homeowners commonly use them to store landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, rakes, shovels, and garden hoses. Business owners find them extremely useful for storing retail goods until they’re ready to be sold. Lots of merchandise can be fit into one of these containers, especially the 40-ft version. You can even modify these storage containers in Kentucky for special purposes of your own.

Conex Boxes at Container PRO Kentucky

Container PRO Kentucky is a company that provides excellent storage containers in Kentucky.  Container Pro Kentucky provides containers in tip-top shape and ready to secure your valuables against whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

Now that you know what a Conex box is, you can consider securing one for your home or workplace. You’d be surprised how affordable these units are and how much value you get from them. Many of our customers begin by renting a unit, discover they can’t operate without it, and decide to purchase it altogether. Contact us today at Container PRO Kentucky, and we can provide you with a quote that will go easy on your budget. We strive to accommodate and do everything we can to deliver the perfect storage container to your location as soon as possible. You can count on a great product and excellent service from Container PRO Kentucky

 Container PRO Kentucky


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Are Shipping Containers Watertight?

You have probably seen quite a few Kentucky shipping containers, either being transported or being used for storage and wondered to yourself, “Are Kentucky shipping containers watertight?” When a shipping container is brand new, it is absolutely watertight.

Strong watertight seal

Storage containers have to be made watertight to protect goods from all the various forms of weather they endure. That could be rainstorms, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, hail, and other conditions that could cause water damage. In addition, these containers are often shipped overseas and must endure the wave action that accompanies sea-going vessels. The steel construction of the container makes it impervious to whatever Mother Nature has to throw against it, and the solid and weather-tight seals make sure the door is not susceptible to leakage or penetration.

There is an important distinction between the terms watertight and waterproof. Concerning Kentucky shipping containers, if a unit is waterproof, a coating has been applied to its outer surface. This will always help prevent water from pooling on the surface, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the unit is entirely impervious to water. In other words, it may not be watertight even though it is ‘waterproof.’ Watertight implies that absolutely no moisture will enter the container under any condition, be it from precipitation, varying temperatures, or groundwater.

Flooding and condensation are also big culprits. Condensation can be mostly controlled via strategically installed ventilation and insulation. Flooding, on the other hand, can be inevitable depending on where you live–especially if you find yourself having to set up a storage container in a low-lying area. To combat this, we strongly recommend placing your storage container on some kind of platform to raise it up off the ground a few inches to allow excess water to pool and collect without damaging your storage containers in Kentucky and the contents within.

You might find a used storage container that is sold ‘as-is,’ and all bets are off in this case. The container may or may not be watertight, and you’d be at the dealer’s mercy to find out which it is. When you rely on a dealer for top-quality Kentucky shipping containers, that will be your best guarantee of having an excellent used water-tight container.

That’s the kind of reliability and trustworthiness you get from Container PRO Kentucky, where every unit sold or rented has met our standards for quality and performance. When you buy a storage container from Container PRO Kentucky, you can count on it being water-tight and having it protect your valuables indefinitely. Contact us today, so you can rent or buy one of these excellent water-tight Kentucky shipping containers for whatever storage needs you might have.

 Container Pro Kentucky


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