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Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Temporary Construction Space Storage

Updated: May 23

Shipping containers have quickly become very popular for temporary storage on construction sites, serving many valuable functions. Although these containers are universally useful and used in education, manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare, they have proven exceptionally versatile in construction.

20 Foot Storage Containers

These are one of the most popular sizes of shipping containers because of their versatility. They can easily be adapted for use in many different ways and will provide excellent value for whatever function they’re meant to serve. Each of these 20-foot storage containers in has 1,360 feet of cubic capacity, making it large enough to contain all kinds of stored goods like bags of concrete or sand, wood planks, construction tools, nails, and screws. Having an empty weight of 4,900 lbs., they are heavy enough to withstand weather but light enough to be highly portable. 20 foot conex boxes also fit in smaller areas, like a parking spot, making them a convenient choice for busy areas.

40 Foot Storage Containers

Many construction sites use 40-foot shipping containers to store larger equipment to be used during the project. Some of the most extensive construction equipment can be maintained in one of these containers, as well as large planks of lumber. Each of these containers has 2,720 cubic feet of capacity and an empty weight of 8,400 lbs., still making them very portable.

Benefits of shipping containers

There are quite a few benefits to using both 20-foot storage containers in and 40-foot storage containers in on a construction site. They provide a virtually indestructible and weather-resistant shelter for the many materials needed on site, as well as a temporary shelter for personnel.  Here are some of the most common benefits that construction personnel derive from these containers:

  • Office space – rather than build a temporary shelter for office space, a shipping container can provide solid shelter for all the office workers needed on site. Depending on their intended usage, they can be customized to provide specific types of service.

  • Break areas – when construction workers need a break, it’s much safer to spend some time in a shipping container serving as a break area, especially during inclement weather.

  • Storage Facilities – Materials must be stored on a construction site for impending usage. All those materials must be kept safe from vandals and dry against the weather, and there is no more suitable storage vehicle in existence than a 20-foot shipping container or a 40-foot container

  • Temporary Housing – sometimes, it becomes necessary for workers to remain on-site for the duration of a project. A suitable shipping container can be equipped with air conditioning, a toilet, and whatever else is needed for the essential comfort of workers.

  • Durability/Weatherproof – there is nothing more durable than a shipping container, being virtually immune to all weather conditions and safety against penetration by criminal-minded individuals. It helps greatly when you don’t have to worry whether or not your storage facility can withstand rain, hail, and strong winds – shipping containers can handle them all with ease.

Renting/buying shipping containers

If you’re looking to rent or buy a new or used conex shipping container, please contact us at Container PRO . We are a privately owned company serving the Entire Commonwealth.  We can provide personal attention to every customer, and our business is all about ensuring your business has the proper storage containers to manage all your different requirements. All our shipping containers are made of high-quality steel and are guaranteed to be weather resistant and highly durable.

Why Container PRO?

As a family owned organization and not a chain or franchise; we are able to provide personalized attention in every step of the process. From picking the right container for your needs, to understanding the delivery process, our Sales team is dedicated to giving you a fast and easy experience.  Founded with the customer in mind, we provide attractive high-quality new and used storage containers.  

Why you Should Outsource Your Shipping Container Purchase

As an office manager or a business owner, you undoubtedly have all kinds of details that require your attention and your intervention to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Why outsource?

Businesses tend to outsource functions for the same reasons, primarily because it would cost them more time and money to perform those functions in-house. In many cases, a business also lacks the in-house expertise to achieve that same function, so they turn to a company with expertise in that area and have them manage it more efficiently. 

That is why you should turn to Container PRO for your storage container needs.  We can handle that function for you. Save you the time and effort of doing it yourself. We are "Pro's" in shipping containers because we sell and rent them ourselves, so we know all the ins and outs, all the advantages and all of the benefits of using shipping containers for storage.

If you’re looking to modify a shipping container for a particular use, we can help you secure the ideal container for your needs. That may involve one that can be developed into more office space, or even one that can be used as a retail outlet. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide you the best containers on the market and have them delivered to you in time to meet your business requirements.

Contact us

Container PRO is a shipping container DEALER that can work with you on your shipping container purchase.  Contact us today, so we can learn about your personal preferences in Kentucky shipping containers. 

Container PRO


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